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Vijoy Chakraborty

Vijoy has been practicing occupational therapy for over 16 years in various countries including Canada, Ireland, and India. He has extensive experience working with clients both in hospital and in the community, and is well positioned to understand the importance of seamless service provision that is crucial for most of our clients.

Wheelchair seating assessments, cognitive assessments for driver rehabilitation and built environment accessibility are some of the areas of expertise that Vijoy brings to the team. As a Clinical Practice Educator for occupational therapy programs with two of the universities in Ireland, Vijoy is a great mentor for newly qualified occupational therapists.

As an advocate for complete mental and physical health, Vijoy has a passion to serve others by not only guiding them in recovery but also imparting them with the knowledge to continue progressing in the skills that they have been taught.

Vijoy is a certified BrainFx administrator. Vijoy also speaks fluent Hindi, Bengali, and Punjabi.

Sheila Wang

Sheila is especially interested in neurological rehabilitation, enjoys working with all age groups and speaks fluent Mandarin and Taiwanese Hokkien.

Amit Kumar

He has extensive experience in providing community based occupational therapy to clients with brain injuries and orthopedic conditions.

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