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Alifiya Sirohiwala

Alifiya completed her Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy with Merit from Coventry University. She has a special interest in adult and paediatric Neurological Rehabilitation. She has worked extensively with SCI Rehabilitation, Stroke Rehabilitation, Paediatric Rehabilitation, Aquatic Therapy for adult and paediatric Neuro-Rehabilitation and Paediatric Oncology Rehabilitation during her post graduation. She is also certified in Neurodevelopment Therapy for adult Hemiplegia. She has been awarded for numerous scientific paper presentations in India. Alifiya is passionate about helping and encouraging her patients achieve their goals through physical rehabilitation.

Outside of work, you can find her hiking, visiting places on her bucket list and practising yoga.

Sheila Wang

Sheila is especially interested in neurological rehabilitation, enjoys working with all age groups and speaks fluent Mandarin and Taiwanese Hokkien.

Amit Kumar

He has extensive experience in providing community based occupational therapy to clients with brain injuries and orthopedic conditions.

Vijoy Chakraborty

As an advocate for complete mental and physical health, Vijoy has a passion to serve others by not only guiding them in recovery. Vijoy is a certified BrainFx administrator.

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